Groundbreaking of Public Safety Training Building


 “Public Safety Training Building Breaks Ground”

Riverdale, Ga.- On Monday, April 22, 2019 Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services broke ground on their new public safety training building.

The new building was approved by the Commissioners during the March 5, 2019 Board of Commissioners meeting.  This Public Safety Training Building is a Fire Facilities structure that will accommodate both fire and police training.  It spans 73’ long and stands 40’ high. It offers three sections including a one-story burn room, a two-story residential section, and a four-story fire training tower.

As a live fire training structure it will provide conditions similar to actual fire calls: searing heat, smoke filled halls and rooms, and multiple floors where victims may be in need of rescue.  It will be able to provide this environment, but in a controlled fashion, with advanced heat monitoring systems to alert training officers to excessive heat, and a smoke evacuation system to quickly cool and clear the structure if needed.  As a law enforcement training structure it is also set up for hostage drills and flash bang scenarios, shot gun door breaching, active shooter, building entry, helicopter skid drills, rappelling, and simunition rooms.  An added bonus to this Public Safety Training Building is that it will allow police and fire to train together for scenarios that may include tactical medics or active shooters.


Watch the video here for to see the event unfold.